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About me

I am a stay at home highschool senior on my way to applying to a bunch of colleges. I have a love for all things creative. Whether it is drawing, poetry or music, I am always open to exploring new ways to express myself. My poem “Title TBD” was highlighted in the Saratoga Performing Arts Center Festival of Young Artists Poetry Slam. I am an editor for my School’s Literary Magazine, and loves to free write. Beyond writing, I am an aspiring violin and flute player. Playing with the Empire State Youth Orchestra in the 2018-2019 on the flute and 2019-2020 season on the violin. I have also been accepted into the program this year on the flute. It has been an honor to explore my love for music as a part of such a prestigious program. I am an amatuer coder as this website is my first foray into coding.

I am...

A writer

I like to take the craziness that comes with everyday life and make something special out of it. You can find all my random thoughts and musings under my blog section. It is curently hosted on Wordpress as I am developing a way to be able to move all the posts directly ont my website. But, while you are there please take the time to like and leave comments on my posts!

An Artist

Art was something that I had never really taken seriously before. I had taken a few classes in highschool but always felt bored by their content. Ever since I had to drop art, I have been taking the initiative to study on my own time. I enjoy figure drawing but I am looking to expand my horizons and develop a more stylized visual style. Someday I wish to be able to create artwork that can tell a compelling story through characters, settings and composition. For now, you can follow my art journey in the portfolio tag.

A Coder

After finding myself practically homeschooled due to the sudden Covid 19 outbreak, I took on the Girl's Who Code 1 week coding course where I had to build my own personal website. I am still a novice at this so much more work needs to be done before this place looks anywhere near complete.